Statistics Page Showing Wrong Date

I think that this issue has been present for while perhaps since the original install though I am not sure.

I have just realised that my statistics page is showing the wrong date for site visitors.

If I look at the logs page or who is online now it correctly shows the date and time for both log ins and who is currently on the site.

But when I look at the stats page “dispatch=statistics.reports” the stats all have the previous days date on them, the full details of today’s stats under the visitors column are empty until the following day and they have the wrong date on them.


I visit some pages on my store front today 29/09/2011

My visit shows up in the stats as 28/09/2011 and the full details of pages visited are not visible today.

Tomorrow the pages that I visited today become visible in the stats but they still have the wrong date on them 28th rather than 29th.

I have tried clearing the stats and optimizing the database but it has not rectified problem.

Any suggestions on how to rectify this bug?

Hello CosmeticTattooist,

Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear that you experienced this problem.

The problem requires the investigation on your server. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk and provide temporary access to your server.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team