Statistics addon - Country flags not showing up

Anyone noticed that the country flags in the statistics plugin aren't showing up in the final version of CS-Cart 3?

As far as I can tell, CS-Cart has changed this to use CSS sprites (all the flags are now stored on a single file, /skins/basic/admin/images/flags.png). However, the Statistics addon is still referring to the individual flags, ie. /skins/basic/admin/images/flags/br.png. Since these files are not present in a clean install, they do not show up in the statistics screens.

This is not a critical issue of course, I just wanted to let you guys know about it.

Jes you have right

you can replace the line 67 whit this code

In skins/basic/admin/addons/statistics/views/statistics/components/visitor.tpl


 {if $}{$}{elseif $visitor.country_code}{$visitor.country_code}{else}{$lang.undefined}{/if}

It works (after a /admin.php?cc).

Thanks. And this should make it to the next release.

If you have version 2, you can add the flags folder from v2 to your images folder in v3 and this will fix the problem. Looks like v3's build forgot to include the flags folder.

Thank you (Posto) I tried your changes, it works good,

Great posto,

it work for me too, nice solution :)