Static product filter & etc

Hi there,

I’m trying out CS Cart 2.1 before purchasing. Pardon me, while tinkering with it on my website, there’re several issues I needed to ask…

  1. For me the most important thing is the great product filtering block. I have to filter (search by) by On sale, Price, Age, Theme, Festivals, … etc.

    But I’ve found out that once you’ve narrowed down your search, the filter block will be narrowed down as well. That’s not very customer friendly as it’s important to show the search in the product page as well. It feels like going straight to a dead end with no way out, and the only way to go back is to click “back” or other categories.

    Is there a way to fix this? Or do I need to get the CS team support to mod this out after the purchase? <---- It’s ok, I’ve got it figured out. :slight_smile:

  2. Related products block - I’ve created this new block under product page details tab to manually fill up the related products - but it will just freeze on loading. I’ve tried many times but it doesn’t seem to be successful. Is this a bug?

  3. Check out page - user can’t register as a new customer because under that area, there is absolutely nothing there, blank. No button to click Register too. Is this another bug? <— this bug is gone this morning. The register text and button appeared. Weird.

    Thanks in advance for clarifying