Static HTML Block with condition

Dear All

I am using V2.1.0 and I have lots of html static block in the homepage.

But I have encounter a problem, cos i have some external link that is using http and when my type my homepage with https://mydomain, then it will comes up with warnings that saiding i have some http content for my pages.

So I have try using {php}{/php} block inside my static html. it not working. So can i know how to add php script inside the HTML block? or Can any one to have alternative?? thx for helping


What you request is not possibleā€¦

But also not sure I understand your problemā€¦

You have an external site which is accessing your page as an https page? Why not have them fix their link and be done with it?

Alternatively you can add a Rewrite into your .htaccess file that will redirect to http if https entered and is not ON.