Starting A Multivendor Ecommerce Site With No Coding Knowledge

Hello everyone,,

This is the first time I am ever posting , and I have to say I am pretty new to the site overall, so I apologize if I'm out of line with some etiquette along the way.
I am looking to start my own multivendor ecommerce company (which will begin as a sole proprietorship). Things to consider: 1. My budget is 1-2k 2. I am a college student 3.I have no substantial knowledge of HTML, CSS, or any other coding language.
Basically I want to know... 1.)Which would be the best webhost? I am leaning towards inmotionhosting--I am planning to start off with a basic hosting package until I have vendors, then move to a VPS. Site needs to be operational before any ecommerce can actually take place.
What is the most user friendly multi-vendor shopping cart software you are aware of? I'm a big fan of cscart multivendor, but its pretty expensive on a limited budget. From what I understand, to use magento, a great deal of prior experience is a must, which I do not have.
Should I be using a shared SSL certificate or private SSL certificate? Most sources are telling me private, but I just want to clarify. Also, I'm understanding that private can be a pain in the ass to actually make operational. Any take on that?
Do most shopping carts have site design tools, or would I still have to fall back on wordpress for a theme?
On that note, is there any advice for how to master wordpress from the start?
What is a reasonable amount of time to build and design a site like this for the first time? If I dedicate at least 2 hours per day, could it be operational in a month?
Are there any other additional resources out there I can utilize i.e. useful books? I'm a big fan of the "for dummies" but I'm not seeing one that really calls to me for this topic.
I would really appreciate answers to these questions, and I thank you if you've come this far. I don't know who else to ask. I'm not sure allows this, but I would be willing to pay what you deem a reasonable amount for an expert opinion, or give you gold...although I'm not quite sure what that means.