Stability & Reliability


I love the features and progress of the cart. But My wishlist is for the cart to be super stable and reliable. There are a few reports recently of problems in IE 6/7, AJAX hanging, and other items we see in the bug tracker. I would gladly give up some new features and AJAX functionality for reliability.

I would like to go live in the next couple of months, but it is hard to plan for that with some of the current issues hanging overhead. I just can’t risk customers losing carts or getting stuck at checkout.

This is one of the best carts around in terms of features, lets make it the best in terms of reliability and security.

Thank You.

I totally agree I know that the developers can’t catch every bug but they need to at least test the basic functionality of the cart before releasing a new version

maybe they should have released 1.3.5 sp2 beta??? then collected bugs then released the stable version

Service Pack, is not a beta, its a service pack…

[quote name=‘hotcomputers’]Service Pack, is not a beta, its a service pack…[/QUOTE]

a service pack is suppose to fix problems not introduce more / cripple a product. i can no longer import images after installing sp2. very fustrating, they need to stop adding new features and fix the problems.