Ssl Smtp Mail "from" Other Users

So I went through a heck of a day wondering why email notifications to customers were resulting in:

Error[color=#B94A48]Message could not be sent.[/color]

[color=#B94A48]Mailer Error: SMTP Error: The following recipients failed:[/color]

Well it turns out that emails are set up so that it tries to send an email from the “vendor” to the “customer” instead of an email from the secure email server email address to the customer.

Does anyone have any clue how to fix this?

Would anyone know where to make changes to the email parameters for status changes? (Notify Vendor, customer, and orders in the ftp)

Nevermind, figured this out. Basically, if you are running secure SSL, or even otherwise (if you don't want crap to go to spam constantly), just replace everything that says 'from' => 'company_orders_department' to 'from' => 'default_company_orders_department'