SSL Not Working on fresh install

  1. My config.local is set properly (my install is in the root directory.)

    $config[‘https_host’] = ‘’;

    $config[‘https_path’] = ‘’;

  2. My ssl cert is installed properly (ssl url is for, not and works on non cs cart pages, as well as the cs cart admin section.

    [url][/url] works fine.

  3. If I revert to http on the backend, I can’t set the checkboxes to ssl. it shows the “ssl configuration” error.

    If anyone is nice enough to offer help, here’s a link to my site:


    Oh, and if someone helps me figure this out I’m happy to sell you some fabric at cost, say up to $100 :slight_smile:

    I should add that I’ve moved to a new server and had the same configuration working fine before (I was using rackspace cloud server).



    switched skins from my edited basic version to aquarelle green and ssl works. so the problem has been narrowed down…


    i’ve narrowed it down to an edit that i’ve made to main.tpl. No need for assistance.


    SOLVED! It was a remote js call to facebook in my footer. what was i thinking…