SSL Not Disabling in admin panel

Hi all,

bit of an annoying situation, i have tried disabling ssl in the admin panel administration>settings however after unticking it still redirects through to an ssl url on my website, i tried taking the ssl site url out of config.local.php and it redirects to a non existant ssl page and i have tried running

REPLACE INTO cscart_settings (option_id, option_name, section_id, subsection_id, option_type, position, is_global) VALUES

(10004, ‘secure_admin’, ‘General’, ‘’, ‘C’, 2, ‘Y’)

in the phpmyadmin query box however i cannot uninstall sll from CS-CART, the ssl cert has expired and is now warning people of a non secure website however we now use paypal as payment method.

Any help would be appreciated.

thank you

My guess would be that you need to clear the cache.

On a side note, many customers still feel safer with their basic information being secure even though they are redirected to PayPal.

worked a treat tyvm, yeah we are still in the process of establishing an EV licence however it is taking longer than I thought and the trial has now expired on the host. Not Good.

Thank for the advice.