Ssl Issue

I have installed SSL on my server and it's perfectly working. However, when I tried to press

Admin panel > security settings > Enable secure connection in the administration panel

I keep getting this error

WarningThe secure connection check has failed. Please ensure that SSL certificate is installed on your server. Check out the Knowledge base article for more details.

How do I fix this?

I have installed this on a sub domain

SSL works only on the domains you have specified when you got them.

subdomains are counting as separate domain and you need wildcard SSL. The subdomains that you want to use, you must add them in your wildcard so they can work, or get a separate SSL for that subdomain

for example … …

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I have letlet’s encrypt SSL on my hosting itself. In that case, how does it work?

I have installed my script on a sub domain. Example

I don’t use let’s encrypt on live servers and I am not sure, but at dev server it auto detects the domains and adds the SSL certificates after some minutes. I am not sure about subdomains. your issue sounds like that the certificate don’t have the subdomain you have the cs cart.

in cs cart file config.local.php have you checked that at https_host that you have your sub domain?

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This is how it looks like



Anyone there to help me?

Did you setup the config.local.php file located in the root CS-Cart directory correctly?

What should I set up? It’s already filled by default