SSL Expired Cannot Access Control Panel

My SSL Certificate has expired, and I cannot access the control panel to install a new one. The control panel is secure, and now that the site is not secure, I cannot access admin. Is there a way to do this?



In your browser, there is an option to accept bad ssl certs. what browser are you using

I am using Firefox


When you go to the site. Firefox should pop an error message. Invalid ssl. Allow? Or something similar

SSL cert is part of your “site”, not par of the “cs-cart application”.

Contact your host to assist with getting you into your cPanel or other ways to manage your SSL.

Had similar problem, host provider advised to connect via ssl and do some changed but cannot remember exactly what :)

Thanks All!

I was not able to get into my control panel after my SSL certificate had expired. A security warning on Firefox had prevented access because the site I was trying to access was not secure. It is my understanding that this is a Firefox feature.

When Kogi suggested changing the security settings in Firefox, this turned out to be the fix. I was then able to get into my control panel and direct the site to the new SSL certificate.

Thanks so much!