SSL certificate error

How can I disable SSL certificate for admin if the admin page does not show up? SSL certificate was checked so I'm trying to disable.[color=#1F497D][url=“wlmailhtml:{255CFE3A-E331-4AE5-BDDA-7F9D9D082E98}mid://00000008/!x-usc:"][color="#0000ff”][/color][/url][/color]

Login into PHPMyAdmin and Backup your database first.

click on cscart_settings_objects table

Find Object id 55 secure_checkout and edit to change the value to “N” and then click Go.

You will also want to change Object Id 57 keep_https to “N” as well if you had that turned on

Just checked and the value is set to N however is_global is set to Y. Should I change that?

Sorry, You should change Object ID: 56 secure_admin make sure that is set to “N” as well. No do not change the Global Setting.

here is a snapshot of the setting in PHPadmin. With these settings still having issues with it not coming up. [url=“”][/url]



The following questions are not meant to offend in any way, shape or form (Sucks that the state of the world is such that I have to say that out loud)

You have only one database installed correct? There is no way we are editing a database that is not in use on the site in question.

Have you tried on multiple browsers and cleared your cache on the effected browser?

My Global setting is “Y” for secure_admin, so I would recommend setting that on yours before attempting anything more…

Just one database and yes tried Firefox, IE and Chrome. Secure Admin is reset and still not coming up.

Alright I got it back. I placed in the admin8765.php the config.local and changed the name of the admin.php. It is now coming back up. Thanks for the help.

NP. Glad you figured it out.