Ssl And Https On 2 Storefronts


I have a CS-Cart 4.2.2 with 2 storefronts on 2 different domain names.

I recently had installed an SSL certificate on the server and I went into the admin panel and ticked the following options:

Enable secure connection at checkout

Enable secure connection in the administration panel

Enable secure connection for authentication, profile and orders pages

Keep HTTPS connection once a secure page is visited

According to the instructions found on this link - if you have two or more storefronts then you should not make any edits to the htaccess file.

However if i follow these exact instructions i lock myself out of the admin panel and cannot login even after i clear all cache folder and browser cache, and the site does not redirect to https.

I then go into the database and revert the admin panel secure connection so that i can at least log in the admin panel.

Anybody has come across something like this and know what to do? How do i get my 2 storefront domains to redirect to https?

This topic has been discussed years ago....

Guessing you are using cpanel which only allows one SSL per cpanel account. The solution is to purchase a multi-domain ssl certificate and list the 2 domains in the certificate. This lets your site see the same encryption keys for both sites. This is the safest and most portable solution.

There are ways to trick cpanel into having multiple SSL certificates for a cpanel account. Your hosting should be able to help you. I've not looked at it for a long time so I don't remember the exact details. However, a future cpanel update could stomp on your "trick" at a later time.

But you should be able to search the forums here. Try using "cpanel ssl" as the search words.