Square! For your iPhone and Android devices

This will be a great addition if you have a small business and don’t want to spend thousands on credit card swiping machines as well as if you have clients all over the place and want to accept payments.

I can see this used by just about anyone; imagine if you want to sell something on Craigslist and you want to accept credit card.

The Pro’s: No monthly fee, no signup fee, no credit check, free credit card reader, 2.7% + $0.15 per transaction on all swipes, compatible with iPad/iPhone/iTouch and Android devices.

The Con’s: Limit $1,000 weekly withdrawal, 3.5% fee for keyed transaction, must have data or wifi connection.


The reviews are great all over the place so I signed up and ordered the reader. It should increase sales for everyone!

Even in such third world country like Lithuania I am from, starting from January first it is no longer legal to swipe credit cards, credit cards are to be inserted to terminal and then customer enters pin. Basically no person is allowed to take / hold your card…

Now such device is a dream for all types of crooks :slight_smile:

^That’s the way it should be. All like debit pins.

They just got rid of $0.15 per transaction fee & is now 2.75% across the board for ALL transaction :shock: Sweet!