splitting subcategories

I’m trying to split the topics subcategories like the catalog, having the subcategories topics in columns. This is the code I messed up myself… any idea?

```php {* $Id: topics.tpl 317 2005-06-21 21:14:34Z vladimir $ *}

{split data=$subtopics size=$columns|default:“2” assign=“splitted_subtopics”}

{math equation=“floor(100/x)” x=$columns|default:“2” assign=“cell_width”}

{capture name=“mainbox”}

{if $topic_data.description}


{elseif !($subtopics || $pages)}



{if $subtopics}

{foreach from=$splitted_subtopics item=cat}

{foreach from=$subtopics item=cat}



· {$cat.topic}


{if $pages}

{include file="pages_pages/pages.tpl" title=""}



{include file="common_templates/mainbox.tpl" title=$topic_data.topic content=$smarty.capture.mainbox}


nobody? :slight_smile:

i think the idea of splitting the sub categories is great, but id mess the code up too if i tried. LOL, sorry im no help

Try this