Splitting orders informations

Hey guys,

i have a small comprehension problem or need more information. I hope someone can help me.

We have a cs-cart multivendor installation with direct payment per vendor. So far so good. when a customer places an order with a merchant that addresses two different delivery types, the following currently happens:

Product A: delivery e.g. by post
Product B: delivery e.g. by forwarding agent
Product C: delivery e.g. again by post

The customer then triggers an order (with a payment). But two orders are created in the backend, which are separated according to delivery type. e.g. order a with product a and product c (because by post) and order b with product b (because shipping).

My questions:
Does the customer receive a notification for each order?
Wow can i see the actual order, because the main order is given as the number in the payment (e.g. 303) and the orders are not 303, but 304 and 305 - 303 is then missing in the overview and is also not visible anywhere.

Thanks in advance

Multi-Vendor uses parent orders (#303) internally to process the initial order via the payment processor. Parent orders don’t appear on the order list in the administration panel or store-front.

Admins, customers and vendor can see only “child” orders. Also notifications are sent for child orders only

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Thanks for the information. That was very helpfull :slightly_smiling_face: