Split testing

Has anyone developed a good strategy for split testing where orders and customers are shared between the two splits? I.e. single database versus copy.

My thought is 2 separate skins with a “switcher” that randomly switches between the two and then use a copy (this is for english only) of the EN language as ZZ and use it as the default language in the “switcher” for the secondary skin.

I have a customer that wants to set this up and I was curious if anyone has done it before I take the plunge.

The mobile (iphone) skin from seonid does something similar.

I don’t think it would require much to place a hook in the product description for the methods you outlined above.


They want to change much more than the description. Basically they want freedom to change any language variable to see test results.

Do you see any problem with the strategy above? I did something similar for my skins_revision_manager that would dynamically switch skins so I guess I’ll go rob code from there.