Split shipments?

I think that CS Cart doesn't have any way to split shipments (for example, if one item in a multiple-item order will be out of stock for awhile, or if two smaller orders would be cheaper shipping than one large order). I did look into a site called shippingkit.com, but I don't see anything for CS Cart to be able to accommodate this. Has anyone figured out how to do this? Or how do people here deal with this issue?

If you use the shipments thing that is built into CS-Cart, you'll be all set. I use this all the time.



Hi Brandon, thanks! I've been clicking around, though, and if you have any further instructions about where I could go, I'd really appreciate that. But it's great to know that it is indeed possible! Thanks! Does it do it automatically or is it something we have to process manually after the order has been placed?