Split Contact Page Into Two Vertical Sections

First off, I found it strange that the Contact-Us page was missing when I installed 4.3.4. So I created my own Contact Form using the form builder. It puts it in a 16 column grid layout container. The contact form block does not appear in the list of blocks. In addition there's no way to edit the field widths (from the form builder).

I want to put a google map and address/phone info to the right of the contact form. It's been years since I had to customize CS-Cart. I know the HTML/CSS to insert but I just don't know which files to go modify.

I am guessing I just need to create a new HTML block with the map and address info. But on the page layout I need to change the Grid 12 (span 12) block where the form resides to a Grid 8 (span 8) and then beside that add a Grid 4 to put the map and address HTML block into but I'm not sure the process for doing that?

I thought an easy way would be to create a new layout, I called it 'Template'. Then just create two blocks, one I would copy and paste the form HTML (contact block) and the other the map/address html (address block) and insert them into the layout. However it appears when you create a "Page" it always uses the page layout. So how do you actually create a static content page using my custome 'contact' layout?

  • Go to Design → Layouts page
    - Click on the Add layout page…
    - Select View page in the Dispatch field
    - Go to Pages tab
    - Select your new page and create layout
    - Create 2 grids (8 + 8 )
    - Add main content block to the left one
    - Add HTML block with map to the right one
    - Enjoy