Speed Issues and Input

It’s a very good script and you have the option to store images in the database or file system and storing the images on the file system would do a great improvement on speed performance. I have been using this cart for over a month now and I’m happy with it so far.

As for customization goes, it’s a bit hard for myself since I don’t know very much css and html, but if you do know a good amount of that, you shouldn’t have a problem customizing the skin to fit your needs.

[quote name=‘Unregistered’] Speed for large number of visitors?[/QUOTE]

speed has alot to do with what kind of server you are on and what kind if customer you are building a site for, if it’s a shared host you’ll always eventually have problems with speed and uptime, a VPS account at only $30-$50/month and you’ll have a screaming fast cart and no problems, a Dedicated server even better. Generally when people have speed related issues its because their trying to run an ecommerce site on a cheezy shared hosting account in which no cart would perform any better without a server upgrade…


like snorocket said - cs-cart on a heavy shared hosting plan will cause you issues almost definately - get a virtual plan at minumum if you expect that kind of traffic, and perhaps even think of dedicated from the get go, the store will fly especially if you keep the images in the file system and not database, and keep even less load of the mysql database for image pulls.

customization of the skins is a piece of cake if you know some basic html and coding… once you know what .tpl files control what part of the site, its fairly easy, obviously there will be a learning curve, but cs-cart really rocks out of the box, and putting your own skin on it is not that hard.

good luck

Another option - is - dont spend the money on hosting until you need to - as you said you potentially can have this much traffic …( its really not hard to migrate to another hosting account or even another server later… just make sure you leave your old server intact for few weeks to make sure the spiders know you have moved.)

You have the option to bring all your traffic into your html pages… also…(taking a lot off server load) and just use the more dynamic features for those who are spending the most time on your site-- you can create a few cross-over points - and the basket page is almost always one anyway.

[quote name=‘X-Craap Sucks’]Can anyone using CS-Cart give their feedback, thoughts, comments, etc?[/QUOTE]

I’m a former X-Craaper and have been using CS for well over a year, it ROCKS in comparison to X-Craap, I recommend making the switch as soon as possible, the code and templates are cleaner and Yes the speed is faster then X-Craap, however as I mentioned above most speed issues revolve around having a chezzy host…