Specific search

Hello everyone.

I know this topic has been covered numerous times in many different ways, but either they are versions that are out of date from 2008-09 or they don’t exactly do what I’m looking for.

One major and small thing I want is for the basic search bar at the top of every page, to be able to search for 1 word and it comes up with results with That word specifically.

Ex. I search for “ATI”(brand), and get product descriptions that contain “creATIon” for example.

If you search for ATI on Google, you’ll never get words relating words like “creation” :S

It’s annoying!!! I get 20 results before it shows the actual relevant content.

Also, like in previous posts, I would like for the order of words in the search query not to matter.

Ex. If I search for “10 gallon” or “gallon 10”, it’s still gonna bring up “10 gallon aquarium”.

Why does cs-cart have so many smart programmers that can create the most complex and complete shopping cart but still fail in such a small thing like this? Search is the most important feature in a e-retail store. People search before they go through a whole bunch of categories to find a product.