Specific Mailing List Can't Be Made For Items Back In Stock

Upon re-reading the instructions for how to create a mailing list

I'm reminded again why we never send out news letters at the webshop: it is almost worthless for the purposes I need .

Currently there is a desperate need to be able to create a mailing list by being able to tie customers to a specific search . E.g. search for customers who ordered item X that has been out of stock for several months and has come back in stock.

Since we allow people to order from negative stock, there is no option to 'sign' in for an automatic reminder.

I can search for orders placed for item X, Y, or Z, but can't create a (temporary) mailing list that automatically adds those very same persons to this list. Of course it would be a different list every time.

Do I really need to do this manually? E.g. export all orders , unfortunately email addresses are NOT shown immediately otherwise it would be crazy easy and then select all email addresses.

For example , there are 46 results for 1 specific item that came back after about 6 mo. absence, for which I'd like to send a reminder. Most of those people aren't subscribed to the general newsletter where we announce these things.
Or is this all against privacy laws and will we get in trouble!

Is there any add-on already that would help to overcome this problem? I do *NOT* want to use Mail Chimp as we already use it for our regular fortnightly newsletters.

Thanks in advance



Anyhow, solved by doing a specific query in my own master spreadsheet in which I keep all order details as well.