Specific Banner for each category


My Temporal Site: http://amg.sistemasfox.com

The top banner is a table in html with image added into top.tpl and is not managed for the cs-cart system.

I wish to add a different banner for each category into my cs-cart site 2.x.

I mean:

Audio Category section an all subsections and products (Pioneer Banner)

Video Category section an all subsections and products (Epson Videobeam Banner) etc…

Do any one know a system to do this?

Thank You

Not sure if this will suit you but you can create custom banners for each category page as follows.

  1. Create your banners under content ->banners

    2.Go to design ->blocks → categories

  2. Add a new block, select banners in the block content menu and manually in filling menu

    4.Now go to the category you want the banner(s) to show and enable it under blocks then adding whichever banners you want per category