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Hi Guys

Opinions needed on our new site.


the site won’t even open…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]the site won’t even open…[/QUOTE]

Hi snorocket

we have tested this on all browsers we have not heard of any customers reporting problems.

Which browser are you using ?

the site opens now but it’s a little slow…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]the site opens now but it’s a little slow…[/quote]

Took me one full minute to load the front page

Thx for the replys so far guys.

We are on a shared server atm with 1and1 so this maybe the reason the site runs slow? Ive looked at various hosting companies in the UK but its a needle in a haystack finding a good one.

Take a look at these.

[URL]UK Web Hosting - WESH UK - Web Hosting Company in London





im with 1and1.co.uk and not gone live yet, hope its ok!