Special subcription package for customers to get benefits from vendors


Is there any built in option or CS-CART addon that allows the customers to pay a small yearly fee and get special prices from vendors that adhered to this ? For instance , lets call this package SMART, the customers pays one time fee of 20EURO for one year . With this package customers can get the benefit of lowers shipping costs (50% down) on each product that only vendors that adhered to this can sell, as the seller will have to cut their price on each product to cover shipping difference (i.e. 2.5 euro , as the regular shipping costs its 5 euro), further more those sellers can select special prices for such customers. All those products will have special tag called SMART.


Customer Implementation
You create a usergroup called “SMART”

You make a product that you sell called “SMART”.
When a customer buys this you move them to the SMART usergroup.

Vendor Implementation

You create a shipping option called SMART

You only make the SMART shipping option to specific vendors.

The vendor selects the SMART usergroup when creating a product that meets the criteria (you can vet this during moderation)

Additional options
You have a hidden plan that contains all categorises on your shopfront including SMART ones.

This allows you to also charge vendors for being part of the SMART scheme.

You could create a top level category called “SMART” (It allows you to easily display and do promotions on just the SMART (or alterntivetly non-SMART) products.


Thanks a lot! But how to make a customer SMART plan so they can pay for it a monthly/yearly subscription ? Also, how to make a label only for this SMART products ? I need all existing products to have SMART option but to be available for activation only to vendors who want to to do it for certain products, i.e. they sell 100 products but they only want 50 to be part of SMART.

Per my instructions

Smart plan = products you create e.g. called smart plan, you are the vendor they buy the plan from you.

Label smart product = create a category called smart (altenatively you can use an feature called smart and filter on it)

Only available for vendor who wants it = usergroup, vendors only need to select the smart usergroup if they want to.

You may also find a use for promotions as you can create those to work only for a user group also.

Update: I have found how to add special price for SMART on product options but I need this prices to be shown to everyone , not only to SMART group logged users , i.e. price discount for SMART ( users have to pay 20 euro for a year to have this benefit)., I also need this products to have SMART label

Promotions on usergrouip

Thank alot for all this help, I really appreciate it!

Can I add label/badges to all smart group products ?

I only need 2 things now:

  1. How to show all SMART products prices to everyone but only SMART group logged in users to be able to buy at those prices.
  2. Add label to all SMART group products, like this
    or like this
  1. Code modification will be required.
  2. You can try ready made third party add-ons:
    CS-Cart Product stickers add-on
    Product Labels Add-on for CS-Cart
    Product Labels - Simple badges for products
    Add-ons :: Content (galleries, look) :: Look (galleries, etc.) :: Product stickers (text and graphic)

I dont see any of those addons to be able to add labels only to certain group products.

I looked at just one (the third one down) and it saids it does operate at category level and images show a category setting.

I dont understand how to create a ‘‘top level category called “SMART” (It allows you to easily display and do promotions on just the SMART products.’’. I need vendors to be able to offer certain product for a lower price only to SMART customers, while the products to be be seen on website by everyone both with regular price and SMART price (Smart price ordering only if paid SMART plan).