Special price, and secondary categories import problems

Hey! I still evaluating CS cart so i have latest demo installed. I am wondering if there is an option to set a discounted (special) price for products?

For example:

regular price of the product is: 19.95 EUR

Discounted price is: 16.95 EUR

I want that this will be also visible in front to visitors. Something like:

Price: 19.95 16.95 (X% off)

Is this possible or i need to install any add on or what? It's pretty strange that this “feature” is not already build into CS cart. Or maybe it is but i can't find it?

This is one thing another is that i can't import products with Secondary categories. It doesn't work.

I tried in many ways with different results. I wil lfocus here just on 2 fields 'Category' and 'Secondary categories' in CSV file. I have many products listed in more than one category so secondary categories for me is a must.

I tried this:

category = Category///SubCategory (result: works ok product listed in: category/subcategory)

category = Category///Subcategory AND secondary categories = Category1///Subcategory;Category2… (result: this doesn't work no matter what i tried to enter in secondary categories field. Product is displayed just in Category///Subcategory (category))

When i add more categories into 'Category' fields only product is displayed in all the categories so it kind of work but breadcrumbs and SEO URL to categories doesn't look to work.

Any suggestions about special price and import issue?

Hello Milch,

Thank you for your message.

It is possible to display prices in CS-Cart in the way you need. The simplest way is to specify the price of 19.95 in the List price text input field and the price of 16.95 in the Price text input field when editing a product in your CS-Cart admin panel. Please check it.

As regards the import issue, could you upload the imported .csv file somewhere so that I can download it and check the issue in detail?

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Hey Pavel thanks for fast answer. I tried what you said about the prices and it works! So thanks about that i tried something like you said before but i put the higher price in “price” box and then nothing happens.

I also uploaded a short CSV file for you to check. It contain just 10 articles but it a perfect because it contains different products (products with options, products with just one main category, products with secondary categories etc. Once you will open a file it contains special characters in my language so i guess you will not see them in proper way but once imported it works ok. I just have problems with secondary categories. So here is the CSV:

Domena VSEZASPORT.SI je naprodaj

And here is the screenshot of the same file from Excel so field formating is OK i guess:

Domena VSEZASPORT.SI je naprodaj

Hm damn i just saw the screenshot again and i found out that i have “secondary categories” field listed twice. This could be the reason. Stupid me :) Will try to correct this and try again and then let you know how it goes. Sometimes is good to ask a questions here to find out my own mistakes :)

Hm yes it looks like working now just one more quick question.

Product are also listed into empty category {category}. Is this because “secondary categories” field also contain main category (category) path? Main category (category) must be just one and secondary categories must be all others without the main one i guess?

Hello Milch,

Thank you for the reply.

If you have the following categories and their subcategories (for example) in your CS-Cart store:

Category 1

Category 1 /// Subcategory 1

and you want to define the parent category as a main category and the subcategory as a secondary category, the imported .csv file should look as follows:

Product code;Category;Secondary categories
"code";"Category 1";"Category 1///Subcategory 1"

Unfortunately, it is not clear enough to me what you mean by saying empty category {category}. Could you please clarify this issue in more detail? I have imported your .csv file provided in the previous message and have not experienced such a problem.

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Thanks Pavel I solved it now. The problem was that i have “Secondary categories” field listed twice in my CSV file. My mistake when generating CSV files. So it's ok now. Thanks for your answers anyway. The other thing was that i first import all the categories from previous store and later import all the products in this categories but i figure it out that category is created automatically if not exist yet when you import at least one product in this category. So i just import all the products with “main category” field and “secondary categories” and other important field and entire structure of categgories and products is now OK.

Hello Milch,

I am glad to hear that you managed to resolve the problem. Thank you for keeping me informed.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team