Special Order Handling

We occasionally have a customer order an item that is not on our website. Is there a way to quickly handle these special order cases without having to create new products?


Chris Edwards

Need to give more info… How are they to order something that isn't on your site?

If you're selling a service, you can always create a generic product and use 'textbox' options to let them describe what they want and use the zero-price action to let them enter a price. But I'm guessing here since I have no idea of what you really want to do given the info you've provided.

Like Tony says, you could create a generic product with general options and mark it as hidden in the store front.Then in admin you can “add an order” and go through the steps of each option etc. We do this for customers who are “webophobes”, works a treat


We have a category for offline products meaning any customer who wants to buy a product which is not in store front-end, we create a product and allocate this product to offline category, set an order up on the back-end and process the payment. Hope this helps.