Special Offers

Hi all, good morning, I have a few 10% off/20% off promotions running at the moment at my store however I can’t find a page where all of the discounted products are listed on my website. What I would like is a click through to a page on the website where just products with special offers are listed, is this possible at all?

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Thank you

I don’t think this is automated.

We always have a Special Offers Category and add the items to this.

:frowning: okay, so you manually add all your special offers into a secondary catagory?

Try using the following URL:


You could add a link in either the Quick Links or in the Pages.


That lists the offers, but doesn’t display any products, well not on my cart, which is a shame as it would be nice if it did

It would be nice, Mark. Maybe a feature request is in the works for this. I also have many promotions and have created a Sale and Clearance category which is where I add my products as needed. It’s not the easiest way but it does the job and I just move them into that category either individually or through Bulk Edit.

I also have my promotions page available for customers to view with URLs to the products from their respective promotions.

[SIZE=“2”][COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I just added a feature request about a listing in admin for “Buy Together” and “Buy in Advance” products so we can see what specials we have at a glance. Perhaps you can add a comment to that with these ideas…[/COLOR][/SIZE]