Special Offers Mod

This for example is the ability to add the function to the cart for a buy one get one free, or buy two get one free.

Buy this get free shipping, or buy this and get that for free.

f you purchase this amount you can get this discount etc.

This was recently attempted elesewhere and it was a great idea, but it bombed in the fact that it has yet to work properly and is costing tons of points to make it work as it was described to.

They also offered points for maybe something like a testimonial or review, or even a referral.

These are varients that could be set up by the admin to promote more sales or move roducts that are not moving as fast as they should. Incentives to purchase more or at a greater volume.

I would call them Promotions and I think this should be standard.

I would also provide a typical “Buy X, get Y free offer” that typically carries the disclaimer “of equal or lesser value”. when advertising a promotion to the customer.

This mod is a huge favorite and used by many people. I would like to see it incorporated here also.