Special Offer from CS-Cart and Cart2Cart: Data Migration to CS-Cart Starts from $0

Good day folks!

Today we are very happy to announce the launch of the limited special offer, which will allow concerned merchants to migrate to CS-Cart from a different platform, and save money!

Cart2Cart is a data migration service that makes it possible to move product, category, order, and other store data from one of the 40 supported eCommerce platforms to CS-Cart.

We have negotiated a special 30% discount on the data migration service to CS-Cart. Use the code CS-GOGOGO at the Cart2Cart checkout to get the discount.

The discount is provided until December 1, 2012.

The terms of this special offer are:[list]

[]The minimal order total will be $49 after the discount is applied.

]The discount is not applicable to the additional services.

[*]This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Cart2Cart offer or discount.


Also, we will compensate the migration cost for those who redeem the discount code by providing a discount on the first CS-Cart license purchase.

We will provide a discount of up to $100 for purchasing a CS-Cart Professional, up to $200 for Ultimate, and up to $400 for a Multi-Vendor edition license.

The money back guarantee is not provided for the licenses purchased on the conditions of this offer.

In order to receive a discount, you should contact us no later than December 5, 2012. Your request should contain your Cart2Cart order ID, date, total, and the CS-Cart edition you want to purchase.

Note that you should contact us before the first CS-Cart license is purchased, otherwise we will not be able to make a discount.

Read more in our blog.

The irony of CS-Cart advertising Cart2Cart's services for migration to CS-Cart with a discount code which is redeemable until December 5th is laughable.

I took advantage of this offer on November 14th. Here we are, December 4th and I still have absolutely nothing to show for it. Not a single customer, order nor product transferred.

Such a shame, I have no idea what has happened to Cart2Cart, their service was great with a quick turnaround 18 months ago, but now…you get nothing but palmed off with “we'll let you know really soon” type of excuses.

Cart2Cart (a subsidiary of Magnetic One)…[color=red]NOT RECOMMENDED[/color]!!!


I am sorry to hear you experience some problems with converting your data using Cart2Cart service. I hope their stuff will carry your migration through soon. Take a look how many ecommerce solutions they support - I cannot imagine how much efforts it takes to adopt Cart2Cart service with all new releases of the supported carts!

I guess, they found a bug in their migrating software concerning the cart you tried to migrate your data from or something like that, once they have not finished your migration yet (usually, it takes several minutes in an automated mode). I do not know the details of your migration, but I hope Cart2Cart engineers will be able to resolve this problem soon.

You should have paid their service before your migration actually started. It means you should have their order ID and other information to apply for the discount on a CS-Cart license. Please contact us and provide this information about your Cart2Cart order. If it was placed during the campaign (and you did not own a commercial CS-Cart license), we will be happy to provide you with the advertised discount even after December 5.

Thank you.

I've used Cart2Cart numerous times now and have been very happy.

I will admit, I've never had them do anything and have always done the moves myself, but their “software” works great and transfers everything really nicely.