special for new years

i want a way to do this.

i want to offer the first buyer of 2009 10 percent off the price of their order. is there a way to give the first buyer an automatic discount?

also is there a way to run a special for 2 hours? instead of 24 hours ?

That almost sounds like a custom mod to me as I have to looked for settings like this in the control panel.

Or you could just give a 10% refund to the first buyer and call it a 10% cash back.

or you could just advertise that, and after 10 sales, manually stop the offer. Same for the 2 hours discount, you can announce the discout from 3 to 5pm, and at 3pm manually activate it and at 5pm, manually deactivate it

If you want something automated, I think you need to ask Cs-cart Helpdesk for a quote…