Special feature for product info page ?


I would like to provide 4 labels (special category / grouping) for my products, products can be labelled with 1 or all 4 of these labels.

Each label has a designated icon / image

  • made of wood
  • made of plastic
  • recycled
  • organic

    The Icon / Icons would then be shown on the product info page.

    Is there any way I could do this or something similiar?

Can anyone please help?

Reason you don’t add the image at the beginning of your product description?


I understand what you mean now sorry. I guess that is the easy way isnt it. Just means cutting and pasting coding for each product rather than dropdown box.

I just had a thought… This could work possibly???

In admin/catologue/products/product … There is an option to choose the template used for the product info page. I could make a diffeent layout template for each icon / icon combination…

This could work right???

That’s an option if that makes it easier for you to understand and deal with. Using the admin panel description field is an existing method so I (personally) would choose that rather than creating a bunch of duplicated templates and then changing each product to use a different one. Using the description method will also go through an upgrade process without conflict.

thanks for the advice, must appreciated :wink: