Special Banner For Home Page


In attachment (first one) u can see this kind of banner that i would like to have

It has the categories has button on the banner, and if u click on them it shows different products.

Mine banner (second one file in att.) that i would like to have it will work the same with the difference that i have to kind of products in 2 lines to add in the admin:

1 - New arrival (i can add manually)

2 - Most selled in the category (it can be added automatically or manually).

And of course the categories on the top must be added or removed

Can someone develop it?

Can u quote it on trotta.ale@gmail.com?

Thank you

Schermata 2015-05-02 alle 15.15.34.png

Schermata 2015-05-02 alle 15.18.51.png

hi Aletro,

we are at your service

best regards,

WSA team

We have just sent you message from our email.

If the request is still actual, please let us know on contact [at] ecom-labs.com