Space Between Product Image And Product Tabs


I am working on a new product in our CS cart webshop.

The problem is that this product has a lot of options that the customer needs to choose from.

And that the gap between the product image and the product tabs is getting very big.

How can i arrange that the gap is going to get smaller without losing the options.

I have attached a screenshot of the page.

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see link to image below:

We can offer you only to redesign product details page - increase size of main image and display options in 2 columns

Hello eComlabs,

The only thing i need is that the tabs and the tab content is placed below the product articles.

Can you tell me where i need to look in the style sheet to accomplish this ?

Product templates are located here



This not going to work and takes to much time.
Can you tell me if its possible to change the whole layout of the site with a new one wich fits more to our wishes?
And can i update this without losing the setting and products for my current site ?


Yes, we can offer you design creation and integration services. Feel free to contact us