South Korea country name change

I’ve been trying to ship from US to South Korea all day and discovered that apparently USPS has renamed South Korea to the new value “Korea, Republic of (South Korea)” and the name must be an exact match to calculate a rate.

1. Change the Country Name in the Country list from “Korea, Republic of” to “Korea, Republic of (South Korea)”. This updates the customer records and updates the list for country selection.

BUT this does not update the country name that is being passed to USPS!

2. You must edit the /shippings/usps.php script and edit line 537 (cs-cart v3.0.4) and change the country name there to ‘Korea, Republic of (South Korea)’ also.

I couldn’t understand why I kept getting an invalid country name error in the HTTP logs from USPS. I determined the cart was still passing the old country name, cleared the cache about 10 times, manually deleted cached files, and FINALLY found the country name hard coded in an array in the usps.php script.

Hello Magpie Don,

Thank you very much for the provided information.

I have forwarded it to our engineers. They will examine this issue in detail and fix it in the next CS-Cart release if need be or provide a patch to this problem so that it could be applied to the current client CS-Cart store.

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team