Sorting Via CSV when importing products

When I import products into categories is there a way to sort them without manually doing it inside the cart. I cant seem to find what to use when I write the CSV file like for product having Product code and Product name is there a term to use to sort the product in the order I want in the category when I import Via CSV? :cool:

I was wondering as well. i deleted my products on the website then i split the csv in 2 and put the top at the bottom so it was mixed up as i thought it might be the way its read is the way it appears , but it looked exactly the same.

I started to change things and found it was when i changed “product name” they rearranged on page. I though i may have to delete before importing but i found that wasn’t necessary.

So if you want to change the order you will have to change the product name which will just be silly. I can’t think of anyway that would look fine to the customer and google results would go down