Sorting Products in Categories

I am trying to sort my products that are shown in a particular category. I go the the category then click on the little button that shows how many products are in that category.

From there I enter the numbered position I want of the products and then go to that category page to make sure it worked, it does not. I have hit “save”, cleared the cache, logged in and out, tried a different browser but I cannot get it to work. Any ideas?

I am actually having this exact same issue.

I go to sort the products in the position I want them to under each category. Hit save and on the live part of the store, Nothing has changed.

The products are still in the same order as they were before, not how I have input them. Cleared cache, logged in and out, everything!

Also, under the admin side, the numbers stay in the position that you have put them in, but they dont automatically go in order by number either.

Having the same issue, any ideas?

I'm on 3.04 ultimate, listing by popularity on a catagory doesnt match popularity listing of the same catagory in the back end?


seems like admin>settings>appearance default sort order > a-z or lowest price etc over rides the manual sort order, but I think it can be change to sort by position number, low to high etc etc