Sorting issue

Hi all.

I have a question about keeping the sorting of products.

The default sorting is by name, if I sort by price and then I go and see details for a product, when I go back the sorting is back to the default sorting…

Can I do something to keep the sorting?


In Design->Appearance settings, change “Product list default sorting” to ‘Price’.


True, but I want to have sorting by name by default.

What I want is to keep a specific sorting as long I’m browsing that category.

In other words, if I’m a shopper and sort some products by price (or any other sorting option, but not name), and when I go back to see the next product, I see that the list is back to name sorting.

Thanks for your quick answer.

Looking for an answer to this too.

I want default sorting to be name, but when a user sorts by price and looks at a item and then goes back to the list, it is not retaining the sort option that the customer selected.

Any ideas on this one?