Sort the Default Admin Search Result Order - Version 4.18.1

Does anyone know a good way to re-sort the tabbed button default results of the Admin Search at the top in the latest version 4.18.1? I didn’t see an option for it (maybe it exists somewhere?) and so far I looked in these files, but I’m not sure I found what I need yet:

I’m looking to put the results in this order: ORDERS | PRODUCTS | PAGES
so the “Orders” will be automatically displayed on the screen first from the results.
Older versions of the cart had the “Orders” result first, which usually saved us a button click since those would most likely be the most time sensitive searches if a customer is on the phone with us.


You should rearrange object in the following file


Thanks for the suggestion! I just compared both versions of that file - The latest version 4.18.1 and an older version where the Orders came first and both files are exactly identical. Seems like something should be different for a different behavior?

Interesting, I just wiped a mostly fresh 4.18.1 install and re-uploaded the original files to check things out, and the Search Order is completely reversed from our upgraded cart… Looks like I’ll need a bigger shovel for some deeper digging… :wink:

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This one seems a little odd and now doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I uploaded our live server database and live files onto a new test store and the sort order for an admin search is just fine there (and reversed of what is on our live server) - they “should” be practically identical setups (other than being on two different servers and the database/server local configs different)

In what order do other folks see their admin search results in? (I’m wondering if a database table somewhere is incomplete or acting up on our live version(?))
It would be nice to know how to sort the search results regardless at this point, but minor tweak for sure… :wink: