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Anytime a customer places an order, cs-cart automatically attaches the “processed” status to that order. Where and how can I tell the cart to use a particular status as the default when an order is placed, like the “OPEN” status instead of the “processed” status?

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Please let me explain.

There are several default order statuses in CS-Cart. Usually they are: Backordered, Cancelled, Completed, Declined, Failed, Open, Processed.

The “Backordered” status of the order means that the order cannot be realized at that moment(for example you do not have enough quantity of products) and it does not decrease the quantity of the products.

The “Cancelled” status of the order means that you refuse customer by some reasons(for example customer calls you and says that he does not want to buy the products) and it does not decrease the quantity of the products.

The “Open” status(O) of the order means that the order has been placed, but you are waiting for some information from customer(for example customer used the “Phone” payment method and you wait for him to call). By default, if an order is placed, but it’s not paid yet, the order status is “Open”. So, it is the correct order status for your offline payment method. If you use realtime payment gateway and fake credit card information your order will have “Failed”(F) or “Declined” status(D).

The “Processed” status(P) is used for the so-called online payment methods (e.g. if customer’s credit card has been processed successfully then the order automatically gets the “Processed” status).

The “Completed” status is used for the orders which are completed (you have received the payment and do not need to do anything else about this order).

Also you are able to set up your own order status and changed the order status to it manually when needed.

So, it looks like the orders you mentioned are paid via online payment system properly. Do you really need to display such orders statuses as Open?


Thanks for taking the time to answer my question and going beyond the question to further explain the statuses. I understand the statuses better now and can proceed form here. If i run into a snag, will reach out to the forum for help.

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I am glad to help you.