Sort Categories Differently

I have searched all of the posts on sorting and they don’t seem to address my question.

Can you sort categories differently?

For example, I like sorting by name on most of my categories, but there are a couple of categories that I want to specify a POS.

Is that possible?



Any ideas?



Have you tried putting a POS number for each category? When you do it go by 10’s so that way if you have more categories in the future you will have room to add them. Also when you do a subcategory the numbering starts over for that category.



Thanks of the reply. I should have been more detailed in my request.

I have categories and I have them sorted by POS. The issue is that I would like to sort the products underneath the categories differently depending on the category. For example:

Category A: Sorted by Default (I put POS on these products)

Category B: Sorted by Name (I didn’t put POS on these products and I don’t want to sort them by order entered, which I believe is what happens when I switch over to default)

Does that make sense? Any ideas?