Some Tweaks/addon Needed For 4.2.1

  1. I am looking for a way to present the first “in stock” variable to the customer.

    Lets say I sell t-shirts in sizes small->X-Large. I do not have small in stock, but I have the other sizes. When the customer clicks on the product, he is presented with “small” (first option) and a “not in stock” message. He might think the product is out of stock and leave, even though we have all other sizes in stock. So is there a way to get the dropdown box to default pick the first available “in stock” variable?

  2. We have to send a customer regret form (in a PDF format) to the customer on each order. It could be shipped as an attachment to the e-mails that CS-Cart is sending. Is there a solution for this?

Item 1 on your list IS a nuisance. I'm always changing the order of the options to prevent OOS options from being default/listed first.

Let us know if you find a solution.

While you are at it, did you know that OOS options don't trigger the Back In Stock notification function?

I'm sure you could create a filter that would remove options not in stock (assuming you have these as option combinations and inventory tracking is on). It is a development project requiring some research and then probably a small amount of coding. Probably more time in research than in coding. But you'd have to deal with things like no valid options in stock, etc.

There are hooks to the mail function that can be used to do things like adding attachments to emails. If this is for every order, it's pretty straight forward. If there's logic involved, then that logic would have to be coded and might require using several different hooks to iron out the logic.

If you still need assistance on these points, please contact me using the URL from my signature. We will be glad to help you.

Thanks for your replies.

For the “show first in stock variable” I was thinking maybe it was possible to script in a