Some suggestions for the next version

Here’s a few suggestions I think would benefit CS-C.

Add the ability to make an option mandatory. For example, if I order a shirt I would be required to select a size, if the mandatory option was checked.

Add the ability to set tax rates by county. Some US states have different sales tax rates for each county. To collect the correct tax amount we need to be able to either define which county the customer is in and apply the correct tax rate, or have the ability to set tax rates by zipcode. At present in the USA interstate sales are not subject to a sales tax charge. There would need to be a way to separate out interstate from in-state sales. If it’s an in-state sale there needs to be a way to setup different rates according to whatever method is employed, and there needs to be some sort of control so that if there is an in-state sale, tax is properly charged. For wholesale type sales we do not collect sales tax, BUT, it is required for the seller to have a signed resale card from the buyer in order to be tax exempt. This is a feature that should be included in the wholesale customer registration, with manual admin approval before it goes into effect.

We need a banner rotator with settings to rotate every x seconds or on every page access/refresh, (or both).

I don’t know about anyone else, but I desperately need to be able to add custom tab(s) to any product page. Clicking on a tab would change the displayed info, images, etc. See the attached image.

Better page management. This is kind of a biggie and I know things will improve over time. My observations: I’m setting up my site using the new_vision_blue template. There’s stuff all over this template that I don’t want or need, or want to change. For example, all of the Welcome_Top stuff. How can I get rid of this entire section? I’d have to hand edit code on several pages, which is an invitation to disaster. The manual shows detailed descriptions of each element on a page, (Section 4.1.1 pg 17), but there is no way within the admin to ‘easily’ edit the elements on any page. Another example, what if I remove an image and replace it with text or a smaller image. Now I have a white background where a silver one should be. How do I add the background to this block? (May I suggest a default background for all pages & elements which can be overridden for a particular element if the admin wants.)

That’s it for now, although I’ll be adding things as I come across them.

I still love this cart though.

Mike Keeney


Hi MikeK

Why not ask cs-support for a quote on custom tabs and a banner rotator,

they will sort it for you for a small fee.

I may end up doing just that. I’m just waiting to see what 1.3.3 looks like. I’ve already got them doing a payment module for me and I do have to say, they are very easy to work with and have very reasonable prices.



Tabs - Should be fairly easy to add to the templates using dhtml try for ideas.

Page Management - In order to have as much flexibility as possible the smarty template system has been used. It is a little confusing at first but just get your hands dirty and you’ll soon get to grips with it. There are pleanty of resources out there to help you with smarty templates.

If you want a cart, or any script for that matter, to look the way you want it to you’ll need to know a bit of html. The template system on this cart is great and very flexible, you probably won’t find a better system. You will always need to edit something. Remember that when you are editing the templates you’re not actually modifying the ‘code’ side of things, just the layout, and you can always restore from the repository if you make a mistake!

If you don’t know and/or aren’t keen on learning a bit of simple html I would suggest that you try to find someone who can design your store for you as no matter what software you go with it’ll never be as easy as you’d like it to be :wink:

Options - Don’t use so can’t comment.

Banner rotator - I’m sure this could be added fairly easily with a bit of javascript or a third party application. As was suggested, try the dev team, I’ve had some reasonable quotes from them but yet to try them out!

Good luck