Some strange links going on in my store !

Ive hadf my head aroung this one all day and i cannot see for looking anymore so am after a little bit of help.

I have two strange links reported by Xenu.

[url][/url] 73 links to it ? :shock:

[url][/url] 4 links to it ? :confused: ( If you rund your mouse over it its huge, but it below anyhow)[/url]

Advise now needed !



That’s in your home page source code, replace the spacer with a 1x1px transparent gif of the same name and you should be right.[COLOR=Red]skins/lite_orange/customer/images/spacer.gif

[COLOR=Black]Thats an obvious coding error, unforuantely I don’t use lite_orange so can’t help you at this time.