Some strange errors

Hi all.

Due to a serverswitch i took backup on my images, and database.

I then freshly instaled the latest Cs-cart.

I upped my backup and everything seamed OK.

However when i try edit products, take backup of db, use addon webmail i get logged out.

I have cleared cache on server, and totaly cleaned my computer and it still happens.

I do not get any fault message i just get logged out.

I have now tryed with IE, FF and Opera and it all result the same.

I tryed upload all webmail addons once more but still same isue.

Would realy love some hints to what to do next.

You can’t just take a backup from an earlier version and install it into a newer version and not expect problems.

I used the latest on the old server to.

There it worked like a charm,

The shopp is brand new just been online about 4 days

I misunderstood then. Why didn’t you just backup your files and database and upload to the new server? It’s hard to tell whether you have a file issue or a server issue.

Sounds like his session is getting destroyed. I.e. $_SESSION[‘auth’] is being overwritten by bogus info, possibly because he was logged in on the old site when he did the DB dump.

The site frontpage works like a charm,

It`s only backend from what i can try and feel.

Comming to think about it i had 2.1.1 for 1 day and uppgraded to 2.1.2 does this have anything to say ?

You changed hosting companies and then upgraded immediately?

Have no idea what you have now.

Suggest that in the future you make one major change at a time and verify stability before moving to the next…