some products not showing as taxable

For some reason when customers checkout even though the tax rate is correct the total tax is off. This is because only some of the items are showing up as taxable.

DOnt know why some items are taxable and others not.

Is there a global option to make every product taxable. I always import items the same way so dont think theres anything different as far as me importing products into the website.

You can apply your tax to every product as follows:

  1. Go to Shipping/taxes->Taxes;
  2. Place a check in front of every tax you want to universally apply to products;
  3. Click on the Choose action menu and select “Apply selected taxes to all products”.


You just beay me to it.

I just figured it out from the manual and just came online to let others know.

Only problem is i beleive that only woks for products already in inventory. when I import more product i think will have to do “apply for all products” each time i import Tried using tax field when importing but havent got it to work yet.

Just glad i have a way to do it. Was losing a bunch of tax revenue last few weeks .

Surprising as customers are quick to let you know when they are overcharged but you dont’t hear a peep from them when its the other way around.

Anyway thanks for the heads up.