Some installation questions


I have been editing my cscart installation on my home pc in readiness for an upload to the internet.

I have come to upload the website and found that i need to install a fresh copy of cscart on to my hosted server to enable me then to upload my own changes.

When it comes to the installation i have so far uploaded the cscart site to my hosted server and come to follow the installation process.

In the first instance i get the following message at the top of my first page of the installation process;

Warning: set_time_limit() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/a1948269/public_html/install/core/install.php on line 27

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Second, when it comes to the page where i need to enter various bits of information, could somebody clarify the following items;

Server host directory - I have a _public folder in which i have to upload my website, is this my server host directory?

Secure server host directory - Is the same as the above?

MySQL server host - I have previousl had this set to localhost, now that i am putting this up on the web, what do i enter? is it simply my website domain address or is there some server specific address i need to obtain from my webhost?

Secret key to encrypt orders data - What is this?

I have completed the form as best i can but i get an error that my MySQL database cant be created (although i have in fact created one as required at the start of the installation instructions).

Could anyone offer some advice on these queries please?



If set_time_limit()is disabled then get a new host.

Normally your mysql server remains 'localhost'.

The two 'path' entries reflect where your store is in relation to your document root. I.e. where typing your domain name would take you (normally public_html). So in your case, you probably leave it blank.

The secret key is what's used to encrypt payment info like credit cards.

If the install can't connect to the DB then the host or user/password credentials are incorrect for you environment. Talk to your hosting provider for the details on what you should use.

Yup thats done the trick. Unfortunately my web provider didnt have that option so i have switched and im currently installing.