Some Help With Setting Up Multi Vendor Cs-Cart


I have a friend who wants to set up an online store using the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor software.

I have been involved in an IT course the last 18 months so my knowledge on these topics is okay but in no means great.

I have read through the installation process and it all looks very straight forward and I have just a few questions that I am hoping to get answered here.

  • First of all I am thinking of just running the server on a personal computer running on Windows as I am unfamiliar with OS like Linux, should I take the time to get to know Red-Hat Linux or will a Windows Server OS suffice?

  • I have had no prior experience with Structured Query Language, how important is this to the installation and maintenance of the software? The installation guide does not say a whole lot about SQL but does mention some jargon I don't fully understand.

  • Lastly, what other things must I be able to do to set up and maintain this software? Any personal experiences, resources, or tips you got for me?

Thanks for any responses, also which other subreddits could help me out with CS-Cart?