Some Help With Setting Up Multi Vendor Cs-Cart


I have a friend who wants to set up an online store using the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor software.

I have been involved in an IT course the last 18 months so my knowledge on these topics is okay but in no means great.

I have read through the installation process and it all looks very straight forward and I have just a few questions that I am hoping to get answered here.

  • First of all I am thinking of just running the server on a personal computer running on Windows as I am unfamiliar with OS like Linux, should I take the time to get to know Red-Hat Linux or will a Windows Server OS suffice?

  • I have had no prior experience with Structured Query Language, how important is this to the installation and maintenance of the software? The installation guide does not say a whole lot about SQL but does mention some jargon I don't fully understand.

  • Lastly, what other things must I be able to do to set up and maintain this software? Any personal experiences, resources, or tips you got for me?

Thanks for any responses.