Some Grids Full Width - Layout Questions

I've just imported my store from 3,03 to 4.3.2. I am using the default responsive theme. Everything imported nicely except that the menu and the bottom are full width, and i would like them to be sheet width. Where the menu/search bar are, the grid settings are set to left / right, respectively. There is an option for full width in there also, which is not selected (since left/ right are).

I'm attaching some screenshots to better explain what i mean.

Also, when the site is in phone size, the top menu does not work, when you click on it nothing happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!





I found the full width settings in the theme, so the footer is ok now, however I cannot find the one for the top menu?

Ok, got it. There was an extra grid in there that was enabled, that somehow was throwing it off. Not sure why, but at least it's ok now.

No. I am still having 2 issues.

  1. the top menu is not centered on the page like everything else.
  2. the top menu does not work in mobile mode.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!